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At triOS college, we don’t just give you a better education – we help you build yourself a better future.

Students have the opportunity to specialize in any area of business that they find intriguing (human resources, management, finance and more).


With the skills developed in this program, students will be able to test their skills out in the fast-paced field of technology.


Gain hands on experience in the healthcare sector, as well as receive mentoring from professionals in the field.


Students will learn the critical skills needed to work in the law sector.


Supply chain is constantly evolving, learn from the best. Students in this program gain certifications and hands on experience that makes it easy to land a job after graduation.

Supply Chain

Why triOS College?

triOS College prides itself on constantly improving the overall student culture. Our mission is to provide students with career ready training and development to ensure that they are hired upon graduation in a field of their choice. We take the feedback and experiences of our students and members of our staff and, utilize them to construct a stronger educational institution.

Our students come from an array of diverse backgrounds and they each have their own unique story to tell. We welcome anyone who has an eagerness to learn and to develop new skills to come to triOS so that you can find a career in the field that you desire.

triOS helps students to become job-ready graduates and aims to be the stepping stone on the way to their dreams.

Is Professional career Training Right for You?

Is Professional career Training
Right for You?

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triOS College celebrates 25 years of success

On Saturday July 15, 2017, triOS College celebrated 25 years of being in business. The inspiration behind triOS College began in 1992 with Frank Gerencser and Stuart Bentley when it was starting out as triOS Training Centre. Gerencser and Bentley wanted to do...

triOS offers $1500 bursary for laid-off retail workers

At the end of January, HMV announced that they will be closing all of their retail stores across Canada. This was not the only retail store to close down. Other chains such as Danier, Jacob, Smart Set and others have also closed down, affecting the thousands of...

triOS announces launch of new insurance programs

In the spring of 2017, triOS College: Business  Technology  Healthcare will introduce two new programs: an Insurance diploma program and an Insurance Specialist diploma program. These new programs were designed to address the growing need for individuals to replace...

triOS offers financial assistance to laid off Hudson’s Bay workers

At the beginning of June, Canada’s oldest retail company, Hudson’s Bay, announced that it will be cutting 2000 jobs across North America. This movement will be fully implemented by 2018 and will affect all Canadian employees at Hudson’s Bay. In response to this, triOS...


Top 4 Things that Employers Look for in an Application Developer

It is sufficient to say that in present day, technology is a huge aspect of everyday life. Virtually almost everything is done using technology, from online banking to online shopping to the games played by the applications on smartphones. Most of the software that is...

TriOS – How do I Become an Insurance Specialist?

Steps to Becoming an Insurance Specialist Insurance is a big part of our lives, whether it be life insurance to health insurance and more. When any sort of problem arises, the first person of contact would be the insurance specialist. With the demand for Insurance...

Reasons why Law Clerks are invaluable to Law Firms

The world of law is a broad and an ever expanding one. A career in the legal sector is usually an exciting and fast paced one. There is a myriad of opportunities to explore and to continually challenge yourself intellectually and advance in the legal sector. One of...