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It is sufficient to say that in present day, technology is a huge aspect of everyday life. Virtually almost everything is done using technology, from online banking to online shopping to the games played by the applications on smartphones. Most of the software that is being used on various electronic devices are created by application developers. As the development of technology grows, so does the need for application developers.

Being an application developer is a popular career choice, but what sets apart high quality application developers from the others?
Aside from the obvious – having a strong understanding of modern programming languages, here are some of the top things that employers look for in an application developer:

Adaptable Skillset

As it has been said above, technology is constantly evolving and growing to new heights. With these changes also comes the development of new complex methods to create software. Most employers look for an eagerness to learn new skills and to integrate them with the knowledge that they have. Application developers must be able to adapt to the newest trends in programming as they come along. It isn’t what you know, but you can learn along the way.


Understanding the aspects of application development is important, but so is also understanding application security vulnerabilities. Nowadays, software can reside on a cloud server or be accessed through multiple devices – because of this, the importance of application security is growing. Employers want an application developer that knows the importance of security and also knows how to protect the software against malicious attacks such as SQL injection, XSS and more.

Cross Platform Development

Software technology is not just limited to computers anymore, it has now extended to tablets, smartphones, iPads etc. It’s an important skill to know how to code for iOS, Blackberry and Android because when one app is released on an iOS device, employers want to ensure that the same app can be released on an android device. Employers want developers that know how applications will work across the various devices with efficient responsive and adaptive design for the convenience of the user (UX design).
Application Architecture and Integration

Carrying on from UX Design, employers look for developers that understand how the application interacts with all the components of a system, and how the application’s design will affect its ability to integrate with other services and applications in terms of scalability and flexibility. It is key that the developer has the ability to think logically and analytically in order to understand the layers of application architecture and how it is responsible for adapting to various services and devices.

Yes, technology is constantly adapting and changing, which can make it challenging for application developers to stay on top of the game. However, this is the reason why the career of an application developer is interesting and rewarding, it can lead to a multitude of directions and paths with the constant growth of technology. Employers want an application developer who is willing to adapt and change along with it. At triOs College, we offer comprehensive Application and Mobile Application developer courses, learn more now by visiting our website or calling one of our educational consultants.