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In the spring of 2017, triOS College: Business  Technology  Healthcare will introduce two new programs: an Insurance diploma program and an Insurance Specialist diploma program.
These new programs were designed to address the growing need for individuals to replace a retiring workforce in the insurance industry. The sole focus of these programs is going to be property and casualty insurance. Upon graduation from this program, students will be able to pursue positions at insurance brokers. Insurance brokers play an essential role in the communication between the public who requires insurance and the carriers that provide it.
“Companies need people who have the specific skills that belong to their industry,” says, Frank Gerencser, CEO of triOS Corporation, expanding on why these programs were needed. “The goal of this program is to give students all the insurance specific skills that they need, as well as the workplace expertise that will help them succeed.”

triOS looked at industry leader ILScorp, the largest online insurance training provider for the Property and Casual industry in Canada, to create these programs. Under the President and CEO of ILScorp, Ken Macrae, triOS Corporation licensed their curriculum to embed it within their programs. This ensures that students will obtain the highest standard training possible needed for this industry.

“There is a growing need in the insurance brokerage industry for new talent,” says MacRae. “We are excited to partner with triOS to provide the training necessary for individuals to meet their provincial licensing requirements, which enables them to access these exciting insurance career opportunities.”

This program includes on the field experience with a 2-month internship and also provides preparation for the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) exam. These services will adequately prepare graduates with the real-world experience they need for a career in the insurance industry.

Students that are interested in the new programs are encouraged to contact triOS to schedule a FREE career training counselling session.
For international students who have had previous education in insurance, and are looking to gain accreditation in Canada, are urged to contact the triOS Admissions Support Centre – the International Department for more information on how to apply for these programs.
About ILScorp

In 1991, ILScorp began as a professional education company that was focused on providing services for licensing and continuing education for the Property and Casualty Insurance industry in Canada. This was a plausible niche for ILScorp because Steve Hawrishok, the founder and former president, authored The Fundamentals of Insurance course for Canada which was issued as a Level 1 licensing course in most Canadian provinces.

The tremendous cost savings accrued by delivering these courses online led to the birth of Today, ILScrorp is the largest online insurance training provider for the P&C industry in Canada. They offer accredited online licensing (through insurance councils in each province) as well as continuing education courses in all Canadian provinces. ILScorp works with many of the largest insurance companies and brokerages in Canada by customizing insurance education programs. They are recognized for the quality of the education that they offer.