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On Saturday July 15, 2017, triOS College celebrated 25 years of being in business.

The inspiration behind triOS College began in 1992 with Frank Gerencser and Stuart Bentley when it was starting out as triOS Training Centre. Gerencser and Bentley wanted to do something that coincided with their vision of helping members of the community. At the time, they saw a growing need for business and career training in the technology sector. With that, they launched an initiative with the intention of helping the unemployed master marketable skills that would benefit them in landing qualified employment.

As the time passed, the digital age was accelerating at an almost unforeseen speed. With this rapid growth, the two founders realized that there were more industries that needed expertly trained individuals with hands-on skills and solid experience.

They started to expand to several more locations, and as their successes grew, so did triOS College. The corporation transformed from the lone triOS Training centre to triOS College: Business  Technology  Healthcare, with the purpose of offering job training for students across the five faculties of Business, Technology, Healthcare, Law and Supply Chain. The full extent of triOS College consists of nine campuses across Ontario and a sister company in Atlantic Canada, Eastern College, which is home to four campuses.

Frank Gerencser, Chairman and CEO of TriOS, expressed his pride saying, “We are proud to celebrate this milestone anniversary and to continue our efforts as the leader in delivering career college education to students across Ontario, and to students in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia through our Eastern College campuses.”
Over time, TriOS developed their vision, mission and values by adapting themselves through the feedback and experiences that was provided by their staff and students. With the best interest of their students in mind, both colleges strive to improve lives by sharing knowledge and passion for excellence.
“The dedication and readiness of our Instructors and Campus Administrative Staff shines as the job market continues to evolve through changes in technology and population growth in Canada,” said Gerencser.

Based off of the 25 years of success, TriOS plans on continuing to evolve and move forward by listening to the voices of students and staff to ensure that they keep fulfilling their goal in helping individuals become job-ready by providing the career training that they need to excel in their field.