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At the end of January, HMV announced that they will be closing all of their retail stores across Canada. This was not the only retail store to close down. Other chains such as Danier, Jacob, Smart Set and others have also closed down, affecting the thousands of Canadian employees that used to work at these chains.

Both triOS College and its sister campus in Atlantic Canada, Eastern College have recognized the consequence of these closures and wish to offer their help to create career opportunities for those that have been affected by these recent changes. TriOS and Eastern College are offering retail workers who have been laid off after January 1, 2017 a $1,500 bursary that can be used towards any career training diploma program of their choice.

The President of triOS Corporation, Stuart Bentley says, “As career colleges, triOS and Eastern College provide training to get laid-off employees back into the workforce. Our bursary is a financial contribution to help people explore their career options.”
triOS and Eastern College are encouraging the former retail workers to access the bursary by visiting and respectively. This bursary can be applied to all of the nine triOS and the four Eastern College locations. If any of the affected former retail workers are interested, just simply print out the bursary from the website(s) and bring it to the nearest triOS or Eastern College location.

The goal of this bursary is to alleviate some of the stress of the retail workers that have been let go and are currently looking at career options. If they have any questions, they are welcome to contact the location nearest to them to schedule a FREE career training counselling session.
triOS and Eastern College pride themselves on having helped thousands of people get back in the work force by providing specific career training, year-round starting points and substantial career service to prepare students (of all ages) for starting a new career after graduation.