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Steps to Becoming an Insurance Specialist

Insurance is a big part of our lives, whether it be life insurance to health insurance and more. When any sort of problem arises, the first person of contact would be the insurance specialist. With the demand for Insurance Specialists growing, TriOS recently added a new program to the Business faculty that will allow students to develop and build on the essential skills needed to become a successful Insurance Specialist.

Insurance specialists help interpret insurance policies and determine how much coverage the recipient will get. Insurance specialists can work in a variety of sectors but the more mainstream sectors that they usually work in are:

  • Hospitals
  • Medical offices
  • Government offices
  • Laboratories

Some of the jobs required of an insurance specialist are billing and coding, figuring out the co-pay in an insurance policy and processing claims.

Luckily, becoming an insurance specialist does not require extensive education as most of the skills can be learned on the job. The minimum requirement needed to become an Insurance Specialist is a post-secondary certificate in a course that specializes in the field.

There is also the option of getting a professional certification as well, which is not mandatory but could give a certain advantage over those that do not have it when applying for positions as an Insurance Specialist. The professional certification can give Insurance Specialists the option of highlighting specific skills (the skill is dependent on the sector that the Insurance Specialist would want to specialize in).

Once a student is a certified Insurance Specialist, there are multiple opportunities for them in the industry. Some of the job titles that they can hold are:

– Insurance Broker: a specialist in insurance and risk management. They act as a personal advisor in all insurance matters.
– Technical Service Representative (Insurance): the representative will prepare documents, process claims and more while representing the insurance company they are affiliated with,
– Customer Service Representative (Insurance): the representative will interact with customers, provide information in response to any inquiries made by the customer, review claims and insurance policies etc.
– Producer (Insurance): the producer in an insurance company sells or promotes the business that allows their company to grow. They do this by responding to any prospective client that needs any insurance services.

The Insurance Specialist program at triOS will enable students to get the post-secondary certification needed to become an Insurance Specialist and be able to successfully work in the sector that they desire.

The program offered at triOS is approximately 37-45 weeks long and students can receive:
– Training for the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) exam. Passing this exam is required of most jobs in the insurance field.
– On the field experience (an 8 week long internship included).
– The latest software needed to excel in this field such as Microsoft Office Professional Plus, DreamSpark Standard and Office 8.
– One on one career assistance.

At the end of the program, on top of practical experience and essential skills, the student will receive eligibility to complete the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario exam.
With only the requirement of a high school diploma or mature student status needed to participate in the Insurance Specialist program, triOS aims to provide its students with all the essentials needed to flourish in any role that the industry provides for them. With skills training in the latest software and on the field experience in the industry, triOS is proud to help their students pursue a rewarding career that will help make a difference in the lives of other people.