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School’s Profile

The idea behind triOS began in 1992, when Frank Gerencser and Stuart Bentley wanted to help members of their community. They saw a rising demand in business and career training so they decided to provide it. TriOS started off as triOS Corporation which offered corporate training for employees in a variety of businesses.

With the advancement of technology in 1998, triOS moved forward by providing Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Certification training which coincided with the technology boom. This proved that triOS was able to adapt with the changing economy and continue to help students become hired after graduation.

Over time triOS expanded to become one of Canada’s largest private career colleges with well-renowned campuses in nine major cities of Ontario: Windsor, London, Kitchener, Hamilton, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Scarborough, and Oshawa. They also expanded to accommodate a sister company in Atlantic Canada, called Eastern College, which is home to four campuses.

What triOS offers

Each program at triOS is designed to advance students’ employment opportunities, intellectually challenge them and encourage them to take higher steps in the field of their choice.

triOS offers diploma programs across the five faculties of:

  • Business: with the courses offered, students have the opportunity to specialize in any area of business that they find intriguing (human resources, management, finance etc.).
  • Technology: with the skills developed in this program, students will be able to test their skills out in the fast-paced field of technology.
  • Healthcare: students will gain hand on experience in the healthcare sector, as well as receive mentoring from qualified professionals in the field.
  • Law: there is a constant need for legal trained professionals. Students will learn the critical skills needed to work in the law sector.
  • Supply Chain: this is a field where it is easy to work your way up the corporate ladder. Students in this program gain certifications and hands on experience that makes it easy to land a job after graduation.

These programs have already helped tens of thousands of students become job-ready graduates, and with each year we strive to continue adding to these programs to ensure each student gets up to date training on the current trends in their field.

They also offer:

  • Corporate Training: offers courses in training for employee development to any company that needs it. Each training course is customized to best suit the goals of the organization.
  • Continuing Education: offers events, courses and workshops with the purpose of advancing current skills for professional development.
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