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What is an Insurance Specialist?

  • Someone who interprets and audits insurance policies
  • Provides support to financial teams
  • Insures that claims are processed

Course Description

  • Diploma Program Length: 45 Weeks
  • Hands-on training by industry experts
  • On the job placement training


  • Average Income:$65,000 CAD
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Producer (Insurance)
  • Customer Service Representative (Insurance)

Financial Aid: Funding Your New Future

Financial Aid: Funding Your New Future

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Diploma Program Length: 45 Weeks

Insurance Specialist

Insurance plays a big part in our day to day lives as Canadians. From the different types of insurance from car insurance to health insurance, it is clear that insurance affects us and plays a major role. As an insurance specialist, you will be the first person that will be contacted when a problematic situation arises.

The main duty of an insurance specialist is interpreting insurance policies. An example of how an insurance specialist can help is assessing insurance policies that are held by clients and determining what is covered and the costs the clients have to pay forward.

Career Opportunities

Being in the field of insurance ensures that you will be taking steps in order to provide a difference in the lives of other people. Here are some facts about pursuing a career as an Insurance Specialist:



  • Average Wage ($/hr)  – $23.08
  • High Wage ($/hr) $38.46
  • Annual Salary: $48k – $80k

Understanding and insight into RIBO exam through the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario.

Prepare students to write the RIBO level 1 final licensing exam. It will build on the topics introduced in the Introduction to Insurance block, and simulate the RIBO final exam format.


What WE Give YOU!

Insurance specialists get trained in:

  • Interpreting insurance policies
  • Billing and coding
  • Ensuring that programs comply with laws, regulations and contracts
  • Processing claims Calculating co-pays.

Job Opportunities

Insurance Broker Technical Service Representative (Insurance)
Customer Service Representative (Insurance)
Producer (Insurance)


The Dream You Want To Achieve

The Dream You Want To Achieve