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When it comes to the students’ education and future, triOS wants to ensure that they have the best options for financial aid available to them. triOS offers a variety of options for funding their students’ education.

The different options that we provide to our students are listed below.

If you have any questions about the financial aid services that we offer, please contact us to speak to a triOS Financial Aid Officer.

Ontario Student Assisted Program (OSAP)

The Ontario Student Assisted Program offers students and families financial assistance to attend college and/or university. OSAP offers assistance in two ways:
1. Grants
2. Loans

Financial assistance is available to both part time and full time students. Find out if you qualify for OSAP here:

Employment Ontario and Second Career

The Ontario Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development can assist individuals that are unemployed or are qualified for Employment Insurance.

Students can find out if they are qualified for post-secondary education financing through Second Career or other Employment Ontario programs.

Second Career
This program offers both skills training and financial support. You can apply to cover costs of tuition, textbooks, transportation, child care etc. You are able to qualify for this program if you have been laid off and have not been working or are currently working a temporary job.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-387-5656.

Monthly Payment Plan

If it is more convenient for your needs, a monthly payment plan can be arranged. ALL students are legible to sign up for the monthly payment plan. There is no credit check or co-signer required for this plan. If you are an active student, the payment is interest free.

The costs for tuition and any required material(s) are divided into monthly payments. The first payment is required on the first day of class and the last payment is due approximately one month before the completion of your studies.

A monthly payment plan can be beneficial for those who cannot commit to paying the full amount upfront.

EduPay - Extended Monthly Payment Plan

The extended monthly payment plan is like the regular monthly payment plan but instead of the last payment being due one month before the completion of your studies, it can be extended beyond the end of your student period.

The difference between the regular monthly payment plan and the extended monthly payment plan are:
– Not all students qualify
– It gets extended past the student period
– A credit check is required
– Other conditions apply

Newcomers to Canada can get approved for this plan with no Canadian credit history.

Student Line of Credit

Most credit unions and major banks offer a student line of credit to provide financial assistance for those attending post-secondary education. A student line of credit can help pay for tuition, textbooks and other required materials for schooling. You can even get a custom line of credit based off of your program.

Find out more information through our Financial Aid Officers who will provide you with contacts at financial institutions.

Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP)

The Canada Revenue Agency Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) allows you to withdraw money from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSPs) to assist financing your education for yourself or for your spouse (or common law partner). You CANNOT use the LLP to fund the education of your or your spouse’s (or common law partner) children’s education.

You can withdraw up to $10,000 per year, and up to a total maximum of $20,000.

For more information on LLP visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at:

Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs)

A Registered Education Savings Plans is an investment used by parents to save for their children’s post-secondary education in Canada. Any recipient of RESPs pays little or no federal income tax. With the contribution of tax free withdrawal and interest, the student will have a solid income for their post-secondary education funds.

Any student that has been named as a beneficiary under a family member’s RESP may use the funds from it to finance their education at any post-secondary educational institution.

For more information on RESPs, please contact the financial institution holding the RESP and visit the Government of Canada CanLearn website at:

Employer and Union-Sponsored Education Programs

In an effort to make education more accessible, some employers and unions provide financial assistant for the education of employees and children of employees. Some examples of education assistance could be tuition reimbursement programs and grants.

Ask your employer, or your parents’ employer(s) to see if they offer education assistance programs, tuition reimbursement programs and/or grants that you may be qualified for.

Higher Education Points

triOS College accepts some Loyalty Reward points to be used as payment for tuition and fees.

What is HigherEd Points?

HigherEd Points is a program that transfers loyalty points into payments for tuition and fees. HigherEd provides two loyalty programs:
– The TD Travel Rewards Program
– Aeroplan

With these programs you can collect points and convert them into credits that can be transferred to HigherEd Points to pay for your tuition.

For more information about HigherEd Points, visit

Out of Province Students

A student who is from outside of Ontario (out of province) may still be qualified for financial assistance such as loans and bursaries. They just need to contact the financial services at their home province. For a list of provincial offices, please visit the Government of Canada CanLearn website at:

triOS accepts the following methods of payment

– Pre-authorized bank withdrawals (for monthly payment plans)
– Pre-authorized credit card payments (for monthly payment plans)
– Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express
– Debit Cards (Interac Debit payment)
– Secure online credit and debit payments through the triOS student web portal
– Cheques, money orders and cash

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