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Questions? Call Us Today! 1-877-673-9313

Financial Aid: Funding Your New Future

Financial Aid: Funding Your New Future

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Course Duration Outline: 16 Weeks

Pursue a career in a high demand industry by becoming a Physiotherapy Assistant and Occupational Therapy Assistant. If you are someone that values mental and physical health, as well as the critical challenges that come with dealing with the emotional and physical needs of others, then this career path is for you. There are multiple options to advance in the healthcare industry, as well as the choice of working in various environments such as hospitals, sport centers, retirement homes and more! In this job, you will be working in close collaboration with a Physiotherapist and/or Occupational Therapist in the constantly evolving healthcare sector.


  • Average Wage ($/hr): $18.00
  • High Wage: ($/hr): $29.00
  • Annual Salary: $37k – $60k

What triOS offers YOU

Physiotherapy Assistants and Occupational Therapy Assistants get trained in:

  • Examining the condition of patients and analyzing their needs
  • Keeping an eye out on patient’s medical conditions
  • Planning treatments and providing it to their patients
  • Reviewing progress and upgrading prescribed treatment if necessary
  • Performing administrative tasks
  • Providing education and emotional support

Career Opportunities

  • Personal Training Specialist
  • Personal Trainer
  • Physiotherapist Aide
  • Physiotherapist Attendant
  • Rehabilitation Aide
  • Restorative Care Aide
  • Occupational Therapist Assistant
  • Physiotherapist Assistant

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