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Questions? Call Us Today! 1-877-673-9313

Financial Aid: Funding Your New Future

Financial Aid: Funding Your New Future

Build your Law Clerk Career Now!

Course Program Duration: 61 Weeks

Do you want to tip the scales in the legal sector? A career as a Law Clerk gives you an inside view of how the fast-paced of world of law operates. With great earnings and an active networking field, the average law clerk can earn up to 80k a year with potential for advancement in your career. As a law clerk, you’ll have the opportunity to speak up and have your opinions heard in things that matter. Start your path to a successful career with this program at triOS.


  • Average Wage ($/hr)  – $25.00
  • High Wage ($/hr) $38.46
  • Annual Salary: $52k – $80k

Active networking industry that guarantees valuable connections.


What WE Give YOU!

This program at triOS is the Law Clerk Specialist diploma program. Everything learned in the program is meant to give you everything you need to flourish as a law clerk in the legal field. TriOS will also train you in the following:

  • PCLaw
  • Automated Civil Litigation (ACL3),
  • Teraview and Conveyancer,
  • Fast Company
  • Divorcemate
  • Estate-a-base

Having general knowledge of these programs will be essential to pursuing a career in the legal sector.

What your Profession does!

Some of the roles of a law/judicial clerk are:

  • Liaising with clients
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Prioritizing workload depending on shifting importance
  • Preparing bench memos
  • Verifying citations

Your Journey
to Success Starts Now

Your Journey to
Success Starts Now