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Questions? Call Us Today! 1-877-673-9313

What is a Paralegal

  • Someone who can provide legal support delegated by a lawyer or judge.
  • Drafting legal up forms and affidavits to be used as hard evidence.
  • Be the backbone of any law-firm or compliance department.

Course Description

  • Diploma Program Length: 48 – 52 Weeks
  • Hands-on training by industry experts
  • On the job placement training
  • Training in industry specific software

What can you work as?

  • Average Income:$60,000 CAD
  • Arbitrator
  • Law Firm Administrator
  • Jury Consultant


  • Available to anyone who registers for the Paralegal program at any triOS campus.
  • Receive a $2,000 Bursary towards training. Valid for new students, who enroll in the full-time Paralegal program that starts in August, September or October 2018.
  • May not be combined with any other bursary or program discount. Not eligible for students who receive any reduced tuition fees such as advanced standing. Bursary is pro-rated if student withdraws.

Financial Aid: Funding Your New Future

Financial Aid: Funding Your New Future

Build your Paralegal Career Now!

Diploma Length: 48 – 52 weeks


  • Average Wage ($/hr): $26.37
  • High Wage ($/hr): $38.46
  • Annual Salary: $54k – $80k

Diploma accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC).

Qualification for admission to the LSUC Paralegal Licensing Process


What triOS offers you!

Paralegals get trained in:

  • Investigating facts of a case
  • Drafting correspondence and documents
  • Conducting research on laws, legal articles and regulations
  • Helping lawyers during trials

Job Opportunities

  • Arbitrator
  • Attorney
  • Legal Services Director
  • Law Firm Administrator
  • Jury Consultant

Start your Paralegal Career!

Start your Paralegal Career Now!