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Financial Aid: Funding Your New Future

Financial Aid: Funding Your New Future

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Course Duration Outline: 34-50 Weeks

Do you have a talent for putting together components of a plan to create a successful finished project? With the Supply Chain field being in high demand for individuals such as yourself, finding a rewarding career with plenty of opportunities for growth is easily within your grasp. With an average annual salary that can reach up to 68k, you can develop management skills and learn what it takes to keep up with consumer demands.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Some people question what exactly is Supply Chain and Logistics. In order to fully understand it, you must separate the two concepts.

Supply Chain

A supply chain is an organized process of people, activities and information that work towards the goal of moving a product/service from the supplier to the customer. A supply chain begins with raw material(s) and components and ends with a completed product that gets delivered to a customer. Several examples of supply chains are manufacturing, farming, packaging etc. Multiple organizations can be involved in this process.


Logistics is considered a smaller portion of supply chain. It is the integration of the movement of product/services as it reaches its end goal. Usually a single organization is involved in this and the main purpose is to achieve customer satisfaction with the quality of the finished product.

The Supply Chain and Logistics program at triOS provides students with an education about supply chain by exposing them to the various components in the supply chain sector and giving them the skills needed to be successful in the industry. Students will develop well rounded proficiencies in all the general areas of supply chain and logistics making them suitable for a wide array of careers in the industry.

Career Opportunities

Working in supply chain and logistics provides multiple opportunities with seemingly endless career paths to follow. Some of the jobs that can be acquired by attending this course.


  • Average Wage ($/hr)  – $22.40
  • High Wage ($/hr) $32.78
  • Annual Salary: $45k – $68k

What WE Give YOU!

Supply Chain and Logistics specialists get trained in:

  • Certificate from the International Freight Forwarding from the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA)
  • Certificate of Recognition in Introductory Dispatch and Operations Software from Universal Freight Operating System (UFOS)
  • Advancement opportunities allows for career growth
  • Increasing benefits

Some of the skills you will learn are:

    • Project management
    • Accounting skills
    • Business ethics
    • Commercial awarenes…and more.

Job Opportunities

With jobs in the Supply Chain sector growing in high demand, here are some companies that have hired recent triOS graduates:

  • Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Laidlaw
  • Pepsi Co.
  • QRC Logistics
  • Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

And many more!

Some of the career paths
for Supply Chain are:

Logistics Coordinator, Inventory Planner, Inventory Analyst, Purchasing Agent, Materials Coordinator, Scheduling Clerk, Cargo and Freight Agent, Customs Broker and more.


Opportunities for
a Better Tomorrow

Opportunites for a
Better Tomorrow